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What pacing is for me ?

Pacing is a word that when you have CFS/ME you become very accustomed too and a bit sick off if I can tell you the truth.

I was also a bit confused about what it actually entailed, knowing it was something I should be doing but not knowing what it actually involved.

But it turns out that what I have been doing using a modified version of Toby Morrison’s credit system, as I have outlined in a previous post (link), is exactly that all pacing involves is keeping a track of your actives and trying not to use all your energy all at once just because you feel good at the time. Yes I am doing something right 🙂 .


Best random find of my life- Intro to Toby Morrison Golden Rules for CFS

I am a big fan of you tube, especially when suffering from poor concentration watching a video review etc is so much easier than reading a long webpage.

At the time I was watching a video on ‘Tapping’ as someone had recommended it to me as a way of getting more energy / concentrating. ( It didn’t really get it to be honest, but everything is worth a shot’ after it finished in my recommended videos section was this video and it really changed my life:

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Acceptance then Action

Acceptance then Action

I really struggled to accept that I had CFS – I think its half because I wanted to be better straight away, which isn’t an option with CFS. But finally I started to accept my illness, and look for ways in which I could help myself, as I didn’t want to have wait until my appointment with the North Bristol CFS/ME Centre which was around 5 months away.

Don’t get me wrong I still have the occasional moment in which I think “Surely I don’t really have a debilitating illness, come on just snap out of it” but of course you can’t just snap out of it.

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