Gluten Free Junk Food Craving

Gluten Free Pizza and chips  I’m tired, it has been just one of those days, everyone gets them. All I want is to stuff my face with junk food and defiantly cannot be bothered to cook. Then my mind jumps straight for … dun dun dun! Pizza and chips! Once it is in my mind, it is no longer a want but a need, now I have a one track mind. I am already on my way to Tesco, I pull up in the car park, and it dawns on me; I have probably picked the worst meal ever for someone who is GF.
I huffed and puffed myself into Tesco, trying to rack my mind for something else I wanted, but I couldn’t get my mind off of pizza and chips. So I just figured I would have to start from scratch, not exactly my quick and junk food but being GF often just have to accept that compromises must be made.

Tesco Free From PizzaI was trawling along the frozen aisle and then I discover that Tesco have as Free From Wheat & Gluten pizza (Link). My face just lit up and I had to stop myself doing a happy dance there and then, I probably would have if my fatigue levels would have allowed. Although it was just cheese and tomato, not my top choice but it was in the trolley straight away, at it was only £2.00 pretty much the price of a regular non GF one.
Gluten Free Oven ChipsI was on a high, I had looked at oven chips before all of which contained wheat/gluten, but I thought lets just have a look any how. And I was most certainly on a roll. The first ones I picked up (Mc Cain Rustic Chips – Link), I looked confused I couldn’t see any ingredients at all- but then I spotted this magical little logo that said gluten free.

MyGluten Free Pizza day was made, drove home chucked in oven and 15 mins later, I had an amazing GF junk food no hassle meal. I added some rocket, palma ham and some balsamic glaze to the pizza and voilà.

So a quick review – Chips were just regular chips, crisp on the outside super soft on the inside I think they were about £2 a pack.

The pizza an actually dedicated free from product was actually amazing, I think it is important to  add a few toppings to make it your own / a bit more interesting. The only thing is that it is crispy rather than doughy – but I always preferred that anyway.

I give the chips 10/10 and pizza a 9/10, both pretty good value and a very tasty treat.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Junk Food Craving

  1. Good save! Always looking for ways to satisfy cravings without the harmful ingredients. Sometimes it works to imagine how bad I would feel if I gave in, but this is often not enough.

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