Mindfulness practice: The Raisin (NHS Mindfulness course week one part 2)

In my previous post I gave an overview of my first session participating in the mindfulness course offered by the NHS Bristol CFS/ME clinic (link), this post will focus on one particular practice we did in this first session, one that I have aptly named: The Raisin!


This is quite a common practice, it is classified as an informal as you can do it with any food or drink as part of your day, my understanding is that an informal practice is one that you don’t have to set aside to do an activity specially, it is more about doing things that you do everyday mindfully.

The Practice

We were each given a couple of raisins, we were told to really look, smell, listen, feel and taste them, simple right? Continue reading

Mindfulness Course- Waking up from auto pilot pt1 (NHS Mindfulness course week one)

I have had a lot of involvement with the Bristol since i was diagnosed two and a half years ago, from my initial consultation which confirmed my GP’s diagnosis of CFS/ME (Link)their introduction course (Link)and their more comprehensive course ‘Theory to Practice'(Link), the most resent course I went on however was their mindfulness course.


Since becoming ill I had read a lot about mindfulness and it really appealed to me, which you would probably realise from my previous post on meditation. So I jumped on the chance to learn more especially in relation to my illness. Continue reading

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