Demystification of Quinoa

A lot of people are a bit confused about Quinoa and I can safely say I was a bit scared of it to begin with, but it is something that I have fallen in love with since going gluten free.

So I really wanted to write a posts which explains all the benefits of quinoa, as well as a one stop guide to cooking it. Continue reading

Gluten Free Junk Food Cravings- Pt2 – The sweet tooth

MS GF Choco CakeGluten Free Junk Food Craving (Link) post, where I illustrated my craving for pizza and chips, that I managed to fulfil without breaking my GF diet; has by far been my most popular post to date. Therefore I thought that I would share another fairly similar tale.

A week before my final charted accounting exam (Fingers crossed!!), I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, a bit emotional and probably hormonal. I had to go to the Mall to take my Macbook to the genius bar, is it kindly decided to stop turning ok… Naught MacBook!!!! I was just in one of those moods, I was exhausted all I wanted to do was slump down when I got home was to have a bit of a Netflix binge and stuff my face, with cake and chocolates, and have a bit of a pity party. Continue reading

Gluten Free Goodies at Temple Quay Markey

Temple Quay Market 1Bristol as a city is full of great little finds, one of my favourites pre gluten free days was that every Thursday during the summer months, there would be this awesome food market, with alternated between a market in which you could by produce or one that would offer tasty meals you could eat for lunch.
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Gluten Free Junk Food Craving

Gluten Free Pizza and chips  I’m tired, it has been just one of those days, everyone gets them. All I want is to stuff my face with junk food and defiantly cannot be bothered to cook. Then my mind jumps straight for … dun dun dun! Pizza and chips! Once it is in my mind, it is no longer a want but a need, now I have a one track mind. I am already on my way to Tesco, I pull up in the car park, and it dawns on me; I have probably picked the worst meal ever for someone who is GF.
I huffed and puffed myself into Tesco, trying to rack my mind for something else I wanted, but I couldn’t get my mind off of pizza and chips. So I just figured I would have to start from scratch, not exactly my quick and junk food but being GF often just have to accept that compromises must be made.
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Gluten Free – Travel / Restaurant cards

Gluten Free Restaurant Card EnglishI have only been GF for a couple of months, during which I have not been on holiday or travelled abroad (Which I love doing).

The thought of having to explain to someone in a restaurant overseas what I can and cannot eat is a little bit daunting, since it is often hard enough explaining to restaurants here my requirements (often getting very blank looks).

But a luck has it I have stumbled across these super useful cards that you can take on your travels (or even use the English one to uneducated restaurants over here). You can download them in the following 54 languages (Click on language you want to access the card): Continue reading


I had read time and time again that getting your diet right had helped many people suffering from CFS. And it kind of makes sense its the food and drink we put in our bodies that gives us sustenance and energy, so if you get the balance right there its bound to make a bit of a difference.

Nutrition etc isn’t an area that I had a lot of expertise in so I decided to see a nutritionist. It is important to find one that knows about CFS/ME otherwise  I don’t there isn’t an awful lot of point.

I found the website below particularly helpful, it explains a bit about CFS and nutrition but most importantly it enables you to find a nutritionist in your area that has a specialism in the area:

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