My NHS experience with CFS – Part 5 (1-2-1 Phased Return to Work)

During my first appointment at the North Bristol ME/CFS clinic (based at Southmead Hospital) my OT explained that the way the clinic works was that once my diagnosis was confirmed which occurred during that appointment (Link), I would be invited to attend their CFS/ME Foundation Course. Following the completion of the course I would then have a second one to one with her.

The foundation course consisted of two 1.5 hour long seminars which covered very basically an array of management strategies:

  • Seminar One covered: Activity management, CBT, GET (Link)
  • Seminar Two- Pt 1- Rest and Relaxation (Link)
  • Seminar Two- Pt-2- Sleep and Stress Management (Link)

Once I had attended these seminars and digested their content, I would then attend a follow up with her, which would be lead by me, I could get specific support on what I felt I needed the most. Continue reading