The very very real invisible illness

“You don’t look ill” “It is all in your head”  “CFS doesn’t exist”

All things that people suffering from CFS/ME  have probably heard a million times, either from medical professions, people at work/school or even friends and family.

This can be extremely difficult and disheartening, what you need to keep in mind is that CFS is real, what you are feeling is real, and it can get better.

I still find this hard to deal with, but am taking one of two different approaches:

  1. Ignore – Try not to care what others think
  2. Explain- Try to explain to others what CFS is and how it effects you

Luckily I have been fortunate, in that my GP was supportive from the get go and so have my family and work.

I feel the area where this has most effected me has been with friends and work colleagues, where they have seen me out at a social gathering looking absolutely fine  but not seeing all the planning and consequences that comes with it; I have talked about this in more depth in my post on social activities (link).

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