Variety is the spice of life- GF Lunch at Friska

Today a friend asked me if I wanted to meet up for a catch up at lunch. I jumped on the offer to have something other than my standard jacket potato and tuna from my works canteen, pretty much the only GF option.

As I don’t have a full hour break due to being on a phased return to work, I needed something quick and most importantly had a non potato GF option. So Friska on Victoria Street it was. I had been there many times before I was GF and all their food is super tasty and I thought, it is just the sort of place that would have GF options (And I was right!).

From past experience it is usually quite busy at lunch times, so before I left the office I had a quick look online at their menu (Link) so that I could work out what I wanted/ what was GF. This was just in case it wasn’t clear on the board when I got there, I really didn’t want to hold up the queue .

I was absolutely stunned when I looked at the menu, pretty much everything bar sandwiches and wraps, which even pre GF days I would never have ordered from Friska due to being in love with their hot food more. I was so excited when I saw that my Friska favorite Vietnamese Pho Noodles were GF (Also WF & LF),

I stopped my search there set on having crispy pork noodles, and plodded over to Friska and met my friend. I left a couple minutes late, in the hope that he would get in the queue, and would be near the front when I arrived (So I didn’t have to stand for too long). But to my surprise there was very little queue, apparently where was when he arrived but it had died down.
Friska Menu
Only one person in front of me I had a quick look up at the board, and realised GF/WF/LF  were clearly labeled next to every item (that they applied to), and as I approached the counter when the server asked for my order, I had a last minute change of heart and ordered the GF Pulled Pork Hot Box, and as she was processing my order I had a look at the nice big pieces of yummy cakes in front of me, assuming I couldn’t have any of them, just looking at them as if they were a forbidden fruit.

Then the server said these magical words: The Chocolate Cake is Gluten Free, its delicious. Well at that point it would be rude not to have a piece right?

Ok well the food was AMAZING!!! What did my Pulled Pork Hot Box contain? Well spicy rice, homemade coleslaw, BBQ Pulled Pork Booyah and some rocket. Very filling and full of flavour, at £5.25 I think it is also pretty good value for the quantity and quality of food that you get. I don’t think something has earnt a 10/10 so much in my life.

Friska Pork HotboxWith the hot boxes you need to specify GF but that’s not a problem; the only difference I could tell between the GF hotbox and the non GF hotbox was that the GF version didn’t come with tortilla chips, but seemed to come with rocket & a bit more pulled pork, massive win!!

The bonus item the GF & WF Chocolate cake was equally as scrumptious, the cake was very rich and moist and had a good amount of chocolate gauche/frosting. At £2.95 not the cheapest but pretty standard cake price, it was gorgeous though and I would get it again. My only qualm was that the chocolate cake slices were on the same slab as the glutenous cakes, and there were strawberries scattered for decoration which seem to get moved around all the cakes, which would cause some cross contamination issues (Although this hasn’t effected me). Friska GF Chocolate Cake
My friend had the Crispy Pork Vietnamese Pho Noodles, which are GF/WF/LF and I have had them in the past and they are amazing, loads of pork, noodles,veg and when you get to the bottom you have to resort to using a spoon to lap up all that yummy soup like broth, and at £4.95 an absolute bargain considering I promise you will struggle to finish this seemingly never ending scrumptious dish.
Friska Noodles
I cannot comment on the other Friska’s around Bristol, but they do have the same menus so I would imagine they are just as good. Top marks a definite must for any one, but especially for those on a GF diet who are fed up of a salad or baked potato for lunch.

One thought on “Variety is the spice of life- GF Lunch at Friska

  1. I wish I worked in a city centre – I miss being able to go and get nice gluten free food! I work in the middle of nowhere and my main option for lunch in the work canteen is the ubiquitous jacket potato. I’ll have to try this place when I next visit Bristol!

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