Slim Fruits the Gluten, Sugar & Fat Free Sweets from Down Under

I love sweets Skittles, Starburst, Haribo and not to mention JELLY BELLY BEANS!! just to name a few but coming in at over 250cals a time (if your lucky) they have to be relegated to a every now and then, unless you want to be rolled out your house or fly away from being so high on sugar!

Ok so you want some sweets but your trying to be good! I’ll have half a pack thats like half the badness; but unless you are some sort of saint, which I am most certainly am not that never ever works. So you hang your head in shame.

Fruit just isn’t the same and I love fruit, so ARGHHH where do I turn?

Ok so my sister mentioned Slim Fruits in passing once of a good substitute for sweets/ something to eat in between meals to keep you going. My sister is a complete fitness buff so I though yeah yeah.

But last month I was offered to try Slim Fruits for free, a freebie well hello there!

I was provided with a couple of packets of both flavours:

Peach Melba and Rhubarb & Strawberry

FullSizeRender(8)Looks: The pastilles are flat, about the size of a penny and look like a jelly.

Quantity: Each pack comes with approx 25 pastilles and in total is 49 kals (only 2 kals per pastille). This is plenty to snack on through the day.

Packaging: Is very slick and fits perfect into you handbag or into a pocket (if your bf happens to steal a pack)

And now what you have all been waiting for:

Texture: 7/10  
Very firm and are slightly chewier than the texture of a wine gum, this means you only tend to eat a a couple at a time before feeling satisfied

Taste: 8/10
Both flavours are very juicy, the S&R ones taste very much like those Rhubarb and Custard sweets you can get and the peach ones very much like peach sweets (for want of a better phrase)

Price: 3/10
Ok well I got mine for free but for the sake of a good review I thought I would investigate the price, you can by them in Boots and Holland & Barret for £1.89 per pack online you can get them at a bit of a discount if you buy in bulk. With the average pack of sweets costing £0.60 they cost around 3 times as much.

My over all verdict 6/10

These sweet are really really tasty and because of the high fibre content and the fact they are very chewie, they do suppress your hunger and are a brill substitute to regular sweets for those who want to loose a few pounds, it really is a shame that you will probably shed more £ than pounds though, it is for that reason they get a lower rating as I don’t think I would spend £1.89 per pack very often.

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