Murphy’s Law: A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.

Murphy’s Law

By Jody Kurt Schuller

I ran a marathon yesterday while drinking a bottle of liquor!

Well that’s what my body told me while I was staring into the mirror.
The reflection of confusion, what is happening to me?

I realize I need to seek help, but I’m too sick to even see my GP.
But I got responsibilities; a man has to take care of his situation.

Who would have thought this would be a daily conversation?!
Sure, I’ll be fine, it’s just a virus, and it has to go away.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months,

the feeling of Tom Hanks on Cast away.
Now one year later, still putting a smile on my face acting like everything is cool.

Even though I’ve been to my doctor for so many tests it’s like I’m back at school!
“Jody, you have chronic fatigue syndrome” is what he said.

“Well that doesn’t sound too bad, what can you prescribe me for the fog inside my head?”
He stepped around every question like a verbal tap dancer.

I never knew I would have met a doctor without an answer.
But with my persistence for life, I sought for some questions.

From chiropractors, naturopaths, dietitians even holistic therapy sessions.
How can you protect yourself when nobody understands?

I then realize why my doctor was a tap dancer because he was dealing with a one man band.
Now 2 years down, I stumbled upon Toby.

Joined the program and since that day I’ve never felt lonely.
Posting in this CFS group, feeling like a foreigner.

But who would have thought that this one man band finally found his orchestra.
Having CFS is not only about getting well but shifting your mindset.

Negativity is not relevant when positivity is a more reliable concept.
This disease is the perfect contradiction. I hate it for what it has done.

But I love it for making me the person I’m about to become
So even though the road ahead might take a while to get smoother,

I have never felt so happy about embracing a brighter future.

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