Little Steps-A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.


A good prescription: Little Steps

by Lindsay Nuffer

I dreamed I could do what I saw others do
I believed they were special and talented too
I knew deep inside there was much more to me
But I did not know how to set myself free
I was stuck in a world of impossible dreams
Reserved for others, or that’s how it seems

Then one day I realised what I had done wrong
I found the answer I had searched for so long
It all seems so simple when I look at it now
And because you should know it, I’ll tell you how
All you must do is take the first stride
Take it with courage and strength and pride
Your path will be clear and start to unfold
Dreams come to those who dare to be bold


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