CFS or whatever you are…. – A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.

CFS or whatever you are…….

By Elizabeth Wenzler

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

A faded worn out image of me…

Physically present, but not quite here,

A life that could become permanent I fear……..

In my dreams I’m someone else,

Full of life “my old self”

I see myself in you, in others,

While I’m just here held under covers…

The simple things I want to achieve,

Others complete with the greatest of ease…….

If taking a pill would make it go away,

Do you not think I would do it today?!

I’m not lazy, I’m not “just tired”

This is not in my mind, It is not conspired!

Do I have the strength to make it out?

There are always days I have my doubts….

But I won’t sign my life away…

To hell and back, I won’t stay!

To never give up, To never look back..

This is my life to live,

I WILL find the right track!

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