My Team Me- No man (or woman) is an island

In my a previous post I talked about the inspirational speech that Martine Wright gave, she lost both her legs in the 7/7 bombings but was determined to bring good from the bad (Link), one thing that I wanted to delve into a bit more was her concept of ‘Team Me’ the group of people who help you in your recovery process.

The concept of Team Me really made me think, and I ended up mentally listing of all those who are so vital to my current recovery process, after all no man is an island after all (well woman in this case). I thought I would take the time to write out and share, as a small token of my gratitude.

My Team Me

  • First and for most my wonderful partner who is so supportive and puts up with a lot without complaining
  • My parents and sister
  • My manager and HR contact at work who have gone above and beyond making my transition back into work achievable (Link)
  • The worlds best GP who diagnosed my CFS/ME within 2-3 months of me having symptoms and has now referred me to get checked out for Fibro as well after mentioning my pain to her, I have never once left without a smile on my face (Link)
  • The team at the NHS North Bristol CFS/ME Clinic for there on going support (Link)
  • For the friends who understand when I have to cancel at last minute, just text now and then to see how I am or to meet for a coffee
  • My masseuse who I see once a month
  • My therapist who I have been seeing throughout, who really helped me come to terms with my illness and accept I needed to slow things down
  • Various online people/group who have offered there support and aided many of my queries
  • Last but not least Toby Morrison and the whole of the inner circle group (Link)

So who is on your Team ME? I would love to know.

4 thoughts on “My Team Me- No man (or woman) is an island

  1. Greetings Hannah, what a lovely list of ‘Team Me’ Its such an awesome gift to have such wonderful people in your life and on your side! 🙂

  2. Totally agree

    My list is very much the same. Plus my 2 fab kids and my little dog. Don’t know what I’d do without my Team Me!

  3. My list is very much the same as yours. Plus my 2 fab kids and my little dog! Don’t what I’d do without my Team Me! Xx

  4. Comment from ZebraGirl on Facebook:

    My team me would be my partner who at last understands my limits and makes me slow down when I’m heading for a big flare.

    My kids who understand when mummy needs time to herself, even though they have so many challenges.

    My friends on Facebook who always cheer me up when I’m down.

    My friend bev who encourages me to push ahead when I want to give up and doesn’t mind when I’m late or can’t make our planned meeting.

    My personal trainer who works with me and won’t push me too far but always knows just how far to go to get results… He understands my pain.

    And finally my GP who read up on my illnesses and listens to me and takes what I say on board to help with my pain and fatigue.

    My mum should be in this of course but unfortunately she is no longer with us xx

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