Intro to Toby Morisson Road to Recovery (UK Seminar Part 1)

Toby Morrison has been one of the most important parts on my road to recovery from CFS/ME (which is by no means over!). He is a true inspiration to all suffers and really understands what we need to hear in order to help ourself, being a ex-sufferer himself.

I stumbled Upon Toby by accident on youtube (Link) and it was the turning point in my ability to help myself, it put pacing and baseline in a way that I could understand and make work for me. His Facebook groups, free webinars and videos not only gave me really useful tips, but always put a smile on my face, Toby just radiates positivity which is truly infectious.

So when I heard that he was putting on a UK seminar it was an absolute must for me, even though that would mean two trips to London in one week, as I had to go on the Wednesday for work as well

After Wednesdays disastrous effects (Link) I was even more worried but even though I had a shocker of a week following it was still worth it.

I have to say I did know most of the stuff covered in the seminar from either his videos, webinars or the online program; but it was great to hear it in person but also to meet some of the other people on the program or those that are not but are all on the hunt for things to help them on their recovery path.

So what was the seminar all about?

The main goal of the seminar was to bring suffers together (as well as the loved ones of suffers) to show that we are not alone.

What I have found most inspirational about Toby is how he is now fully recovered, he began by briefly telling his story of his illness and recovery. How until he recovered 6 years ago he was pretty much completely bed bound, things were looking pretty dire. His Mum who was with him piped in with a few stories of how it was from her side.

Toby now intent on helping others recovery, by using the tools that helped him recover and move forward with his life. But most importantly the acceptance of that what your going through is real.

There is a lot of negativity around recovering from CFS/ME since there is no cure so to speak, with many saying things like ‘If you get better you haven’t really had the illness as it’s not possible”  but that just simply is not the case as he is a living, walking, talking example of recovery.

For me that is one of the most inspiring things about Toby, is the hope that it brings to sufferers that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, even if that light is far away.

About CFS/ME
Toby talked briefly about what CFS/ME is, on flip chart he had written a list of those all familiar symptoms:

  • Fatigue& post-exertional malaise
  • Muscular & joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive problems including poor short term memory, poor concentration, brain fog
  • Stomach issues
  • Sore throat
  • Sleep issues: un-restful sleep & Insomnia
  • Sensitivity to light/noise/alcohol
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Dizziness & balance problems.

As well as suspected causes of how people come to suffer from CFS:

  • Viral
  • Over training
  • Trauma
  • Stress

But Toby kept this section very brief a talking about the facts and figures about this illness  are not going to help you/ your loved one to get better.

Which I think is so true, we could talk ourselves blue in the face about whether or not there is a difference between CFS/ME what it should be called, how we came to suffer from this illness. I think medical research should be done into the causes of CFS/ME to try to help preventative measures be put in place but thinking about those things right now are not going to help me.

There is a lot of misconception with CFS/ME that it is so to speak ‘all your head’ however this just is not the case, thus simply going to a psychiatrist will not cure you.

It is very natural to get angry down frustration.

As CFS/ME is a multi facet illness, so depression/anxiety can develop as a secondary condition, as such CFS/ME sufferers can benefit from anti-depresants and visiting a psychiatrist will be helpful.

At this years IACFS/ME conference held in San Francisco , the largest of its kind where specialists from all around the globe came together;

Self care was rated the number one thing to make people get better from CFS.

This helped to validate Toby’s method with the online program and with what he teaches to his one to one clients. That using a holistic approach looking at all areas of your life, activity management, movement, nutrition, mindset bringing these things all together can lead you to improving your condition.

So the world leading specialist are saying that we are in control of our own recover to a degree, there are no quick fixes! There are no pills, supplements or programs that will cure you out there, often the things that claim they are a cure are expensive, and when they do not work not only will you be out of pocket but also you can be setting yourself up for failure and make yourself worse.

So if we can monitor and control the areas that are in our control over time (often a long time!) we can show improvements. Listening to your own body and not ignoring the warning signs is critical.

Triangle of success

We then moved on to to talking about what Toby calls the triangle of success, which I have illustrated below:
CFS Triangle of sucess

To give the seminar justice I am breaking it down into 5 Parts, so not only is it easier to read but also for me to write 🙂


6 thoughts on “Intro to Toby Morisson Road to Recovery (UK Seminar Part 1)

  1. Wow! I have not been Dx with CFS/ME but I suffer from every symptom to some degree. I have always dismissed it as part of Endometriosis and I believe that many of my symptoms are Endo related, but the similarities are astounding! The sore throat, memory issues, and brain fog are what caught my attention most. I can’t blame those things on Endometriosis. Very interesting and informational! 🙂

  2. I appreciate he did this for us but seriously telling people that there is no medication out there when they are trialing a cure right now is dangerous. I doubt very much this guy had ME there are tonnes of illnesses with identical symptoms and quiet frankly you have to get rid of the psychosomatic ones as well. People who really do have ME no about amount of adda boy is going to cure you, learning to live with it till the meds are available to all is what we need to do.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Toby’s attitude is not that positive mindset and an ‘adda boy’ attitude is going to cure you, quite far from it and that will become more evident is parts 2-5 which will be available soon ( I am just in the process of writing them) its about controlling the variables in your life such as medication, diet, movement (not exercise), stress and various other things to help make your quality of life better, with the aim that over time you hopefully will get better but at the very least be better at managing the condition to make it less debilitating.

      I think that its very dangerous to say that just because someone has recovered means they never had the illness to begin with, everyone is different especially with this illness things will work for some that won’t work for others.

      I like to think about it using different drugs as an example, take anti depressants for example:

      Drug A will work for someone and cure their symptoms with little side effects at all, but to another it can make their symptoms worse and drug B might me more suited for them and a third person might be totally unresponsive to all of the drugs they try. No one at that point tells person A,B or C that they are not depressed or just because they have managed to over come their illness they never suffered to begin with.

      His point on the medication, isn’t that medication is not the answer but that right now there isn’t a quick fix a medication to take. I am sure that his stance would probably change if/when one is proven to work. But right now the world specialists in CFS/ME field are saying that Self Care is the most effective way to over come CFS/ME which fits well with what he was saying.

  3. HI Hannah, I have been speaking to Toby on the phone and he recommended I chat with you, but I am not comfortable doing so ‘in public’ so to speak. Is there any way we can talk by PM or something?

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