Feed me Primal – GF & Paleo Eating in Camden

Feed me primal camden  When I was in London for Toby Morrison’s UK CFS seminar (Link), a friend and I went for lunch at Camden market.

I hadn’t been back to Camden since going GF and I was very nervous firstly that I would be able to find anything GF, but also about cross contamination.

Feed me primal Several places offered GF options but just looking at the stands it just screamed cross contamination/ ignorance I mean one of them thought cous cous was gluten free .. URGH!

I had all but given up hope when I came across this little beauty: Feed me Primal (Link). I don’t follow a Paleo diet but as the stand was pure Paleo I knew it would be safe.

It turned out this safe option was INCREDIBLE!!!

Basically it comprised of various meatballs I had a selection of Venison, Pork and Lamb all with a twist served with salad and spicy cauliflower rice and an option extra of a grain free flat bread.

I know my picture shows the food as a bit of a mess but the fusion of flavors was divine and the texture was all spot on as well.Feed me primal

If you are in Camden Lock and need to eat GF this is a definite must with no risk of cross contamination.

The lady who runs the stall can talk to you for ages about the benefits of Paleo eating as well as what is in each of the dishes.

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