Chans- Bristols Finest GF Chinese Take Out

Who doesn’t love a good take out every now and then, either as a cheeky treat or because quite frankly you cannot be bothered to cook.

These cravings do not however do not disappear when you are Gluten Free, for a while I basically tried my luck, getting glutened just over 50% of the time, a bit like playing Russian roulette to be honest.

That was until I found out about Chans which is based at the end of Henleaze on Wellington Hill and has a fairly large delivery radius.

I have eaten at Chans more times I would like to admit, you can have almost all dishes on the menu made up to be GF, but the following are a selection of my favoriates

Classic Sweet and Sour Chicken (Hong Kong Style)

Chicken is battered in non glutenous flour, veg in the dish are nice fresh and crispy and that classic tasty sweet and sour sauce.

This dish will surely satisfy any Chinese take out craving!

Chans gluten free chinese

Thai Chicken Curry

This dish you could serve up to guests and they would have no idea this curry wasn’t home made, it is so tasty and has the right amount of kick, it is now both mine and my partners (who is not GF) new favourite go to dish.


Quarter Duck

Ok so this Duck is amazing, we get a quarter which either works well as a main for one person or as an appetizer to share, it comes with hoisin sauce, cucumber/spring onions, the pancakes that it comes with however are NOT GF however they will substitute the pancakes for chips or rice.

Get a nice range of succulent juice pieces of meat and crispy nom nom bits.



Sides/ others

Chips are GF, and at the weekend are amazing!! they are so crispy and tasty, they are still GF in the week but for some reason tend not to be as crispy.

Egg fried rice, can be made GF and as it is made separatly it always tastes fresh.

We have also had BBQ & Chilli/Salt Ribs which are really tasty.


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