Behind Perception (Part 1)- An exhibition challenging the perception of CFS/ME

Behind Perception signEarlier this week I went to an exhibition at Hamilton House in Bristol, with the emphasis on changing the perception of disability in particular that of the perception of ME/CFS.

It comprised of a mixture of visual and written pieces. Each piece gave a moving insight into how this horrible illness effected each of their lives.

In this series of posts I am going to share with you some of the photos I took at the exhibit.




Say the word ‘ Disability, now what do you see?

Visual information plays a key role in our perception of reality. What we see is filtered through a lens of past experience. We can only become consciously aware of our misperceptions if we open to receiving new information that may challenge out existing understanding.

This photography exhibition asks you to re-imagine your concept of disability.

This is a portray of CFS/ME a chronic complex neurological illness.

We present to you seven individuals who have suffered, or are still suffering from the devastating effects of CFS/ME. Often this illness had no visual expression, instead it manifests itself by causing disarray to many of the body’s communication systems and can be extremely debilitating both physically and mentally. Symptoms can be so sever that sufferers may become wheelchair, house or even bed-bound.


Behind Perception - Dr Myhill
Behind Perception 1

Behind Perception - Journey from Fear to PeaceBehind Perception 2Behind Perception 4

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