My NHS experience with CFS – Part 2 (NHS CFS Foundation Course 1)

My NHS experience with CFS – Part 2 (NHS CFS Foundation Course 1)

As I mentioned in a previous posts (link)I was diagnosed with CFS and was seen by specialist clinic within about 9 months of symptoms first appearing. Which is really fast compared to other peoples experiences, I attribute this to an amazing GP.

So I really wanted to document my experience with the specialist NHS clinic, because before I got seen I had no idea what to expect, and I know so many people struggle to get any treatment for CFS.

I had heard very mixed reviews from different people, which I think might be due to what different people expect to get from the clinic – there is no miracle cure to CFS/ME so don’t expect that.

I went in with an open mind and was very glad. In this post I will talk through what I got out of the first foundation seminar, through both what leader taught us and from comments from other service users, as well as providing you with the handouts that I received on the day.
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