Redefining what exercise/movement with ME/CFS (NHS TiP Course pt3)

In my previous post : Benefits of Movement for CFS/ME (link), I talked about some of the positive effects that can come out of using movement/exercise to help elevate some of the symptoms of CFS/ME as well as increasing daily functionality.

But equally several of the group had done GET (Graded exercise therapy) in the past with very negative results, whilst most had had some sort of negative experience of over doing it on the exercise front, leading to a sever crash.

So if on the one hand we are being told that exercise is good for us but on the other from both personal experience and from things we have researched and read up on we know it can have some pretty dire consequences, it seems like we are stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Continue reading

My NHS experience with CFS – Part 2 (NHS CFS Foundation Course 1)

My NHS experience with CFS – Part 2 (NHS CFS Foundation Course 1)

As I mentioned in a previous posts (link)I was diagnosed with CFS and was seen by specialist clinic within about 9 months of symptoms first appearing. Which is really fast compared to other peoples experiences, I attribute this to an amazing GP.

So I really wanted to document my experience with the specialist NHS clinic, because before I got seen I had no idea what to expect, and I know so many people struggle to get any treatment for CFS.

I had heard very mixed reviews from different people, which I think might be due to what different people expect to get from the clinic – there is no miracle cure to CFS/ME so don’t expect that.

I went in with an open mind and was very glad. In this post I will talk through what I got out of the first foundation seminar, through both what leader taught us and from comments from other service users, as well as providing you with the handouts that I received on the day.
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