Social activities: Hell Yeahs, Compromises & Concequences (Cinderella Syndrome)

Once I started to feel a bit better so was physically able to go out and socialise with friends easily (going for a coffee or round theirs for dinner etc), I started to take more notice of the slightly bigger social events, ranging from a friend’s birthday to a formal ball etc.

These events would defiantly rate a whooping 60-70 of my daily 100 credits, so would more than likely take me over my credit limit, and would also involve alcohol. (Talked about credit/pacing in previous post: Link)

Whilst these events would push me over, I still built them in to my weekly planners, as at least it enabled me predict when I was likely to crash, and I could really think ‘IS IT WORTH IT?’. As Toby says in several of his videos and I love this :

Think to yourself is this event a HELL YEAH? If yes go out do it live your life, if not learn to say that important word NO!

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