Dealing with the unexpected when managing CFS/ME

In my previous post :What activity management means to me in dealing with my CFS/ME I talked about the methods that I use for activity management to ensure I pace myself. Carefully planning out my activity for the week.

But things don’t always go to plan, inevitably things pop up that you didn’t plan for so do you deal with these and try to avoid the push crash cycle?
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Social activities: Hell Yeahs, Compromises & Concequences (Cinderella Syndrome)

Once I started to feel a bit better so was physically able to go out and socialise with friends easily (going for a coffee or round theirs for dinner etc), I started to take more notice of the slightly bigger social events, ranging from a friend’s birthday to a formal ball etc.

These events would defiantly rate a whooping 60-70 of my daily 100 credits, so would more than likely take me over my credit limit, and would also involve alcohol. (Talked about credit/pacing in previous post: Link)

Whilst these events would push me over, I still built them in to my weekly planners, as at least it enabled me predict when I was likely to crash, and I could really think ‘IS IT WORTH IT?’. As Toby says in several of his videos and I love this :

Think to yourself is this event a HELL YEAH? If yes go out do it live your life, if not learn to say that important word NO!

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