Review: Waitrose LOVE life gluten free millionaire blondies

Waitrose BlondieI brought this product assuming it was just millionaire shortbread, which at a glance it looks like.

Turns out these actually have a blondie base (white chocolate brownie), these are pretty sickly one is defiantly enough to satisfy any sweet craving you might be having.

There is plenty of chocolate and caramel on the top of the blondie which are delicious, i found myself running my finger round the edge of the pack where it had stuck to the side, so full points there!

The blondie itself I thought left a little to be desired, it was a bit dry and quite crumbly, still tasty though. I actually thought it tasted more like short bread than a blondie actually.

At £2.49 for a pack of 5 (Waitrose Link). they are not extortionate but not quite as good value as some other products out there, but is still worth a try I would give them a 7/10.


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