Review: Sainsbury’s Free From White Rolls

image (3)Bread I think is one of the worst gluten free products out there and so expensive, for such an inadequate product.

Usually miniature and full of holes, so you can barely make a sandwich let alone have a hope in hell for using for a decent bacon sarnie or at a BBQ.

These Sainsbury’s own brand GF white rolls, have defiantly been the best out of a bad bunch.


  • These rolls are pretty much full size, so they don’t look out of place and a BBQ and can fit an average sized burger without looking silly.
  • The consistency of the roll is pretty good it holds together well and is pretty soft (for GF product)
  • Taste pretty good as well which is a bonus.


  • The main one is the price unsurprisingly, they cost £2.19 for a pack of 4 which is pretty extortionate considering that non GF versions of the same is about £0.60.
  • They are pretty dense rather than all super soft and fluffy.
  • A bit dry- I almost always use some margarine on them where as I wouldn’t usually do this on other bread


The verdict – 6/10 They are defiantly the best of a bad bunch and the best I have found for BBQ’s and a cheeky  bacon sarnie at the weekend. But they are so expensive and the texture just isn’t quite right pretty much just like all GF bread .


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