Gluten Free Goodies at Temple Quay Markey

Temple Quay Market 1Bristol as a city is full of great little finds, one of my favourites pre gluten free days was that every Thursday during the summer months, there would be this awesome food market, with alternated between a market in which you could by produce or one that would offer tasty meals you could eat for lunch.

During lunch at college we walked to the market which was only a stones throw away from our college, and my heart sunk a little bit, I remembered how much I loved this ‘Food Party’ as they call it on the flyers, and head held low I walked up and down the numerous rows of stalls, just ogling at the food I could not eat, due to the blatant gluten contact or the high risk of cross contamination.

But then out of the corner of my eye I saw those two magic little words : Gluten Free!

FalafelJacob’s Finest Falafel s, I joined the queue and got the most amazing falafel salad box, with various different falafel s to choose from, Chose original & sun dried tomato ones.

GF FalafelsThe salad was all fresh, the humus divine and well the Falafel s nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The whole box was £4 which isn’t cheap but is fairly standard lunch price, the only downside in my opinion is that the falafel s weren’t warm.

GF GoodiesThen as I was walking back to where we sit to eat lunch, down by the river. I saw those two magic words again, but this time in front of CJ’s Homemade baking stall, this stall comprises of around half GF and non GF products, but all the GF products are wrapped up to avoid cross contamination.

GF Feta PuffShe sells, cakes, cookies, and savoury GF puffs. I am usually a massive sweet tooth, and would have defiantly gone for the sweet goodies, I had done a lot of GF baking recently, and was still getting through my Carrot Cake Cupcakes (Link) so I opted for a Feta and Roasted Pepper Puff.

From recollection it was with £2 or £2.50. But I think the cakes seemed better value. I don’t think I would go for one again, as whilst the filling was very yummy there wasn’t an awful lot of it, and the filo pastry was a bit limp, dry and flavourless. I will however try some of her other products next time though.

Temple Quay Food PartyAll in all if you are around the temple meads area on a Thursday it is defiantly worth checking out, especially on the 2th and 4th Thursday of the month when the Food Party is hosted. I will defiantly be making this a regular occurrence, I had no adverse reaction to anything I ate and on the whole everything was scrumptious.

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