Gluten Free Junk Food Cravings- Pt2 – The sweet tooth

MS GF Choco CakeGluten Free Junk Food Craving (Link) post, where I illustrated my craving for pizza and chips, that I managed to fulfil without breaking my GF diet; has by far been my most popular post to date. Therefore I thought that I would share another fairly similar tale.

A week before my final charted accounting exam (Fingers crossed!!), I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, a bit emotional and probably hormonal. I had to go to the Mall to take my Macbook to the genius bar, is it kindly decided to stop turning ok… Naught MacBook!!!! I was just in one of those moods, I was exhausted all I wanted to do was slump down when I got home was to have a bit of a Netflix binge and stuff my face, with cake and chocolates, and have a bit of a pity party.

Then I realised that I would probably have to settle with just chocolate, as I really could not be bothered to go through the effort of baking and icing cakes, all I wanted to do was lounge around on the sofa and eat my exhaustion and emotions away. (Yes I know its not the most healthiest of behaviour, but I am only human)

On the way back to the car, we walked through M&S and decided to quickly pick up some bits and bobs for tea rather than going to the supermarket, and a good opportunity to buy some choices, I quickly popped some walnut whips into the basket after having a quick check of the label, and then picked up some things to make this yummy lamb and mint spagbol (Link-Coming Soon). We went to M&S’s free from aisle and it was like I had died and gone to heaven.

There were so many goodies!!! The bread looked like real sized bread and amazing!!! There were cakes of all different shapes, sizes and flavours, including full size birthday cakes which is useful to know.MS GF Choco Loaf

Had I not been with my other half I think I would have been a lot less restrained, I kept the Walnut Whips in the basket (they were not going anywhere other than my mouth!) and added the spaghetti that we had come to get and a little GF Chocolate Loaf.

I was so excited, a cake that looked to die for some walnut whips, a now working MacBook and an afternoon of doing nothing but scoffing my face and watching Netflix.

Whilst the loaf looked amazing and only cost £2.50, it just blew me away, it was rich and the sponge was soft and spongy but also in an odd way a lil chewy, it was one of the best pre-bought cakes I have ever bough, my other half ate loads of it as well (Checky Git!) and he couldn’t believe it was GF.

Whilst it looks quite small in size a little bit defiantly goes a long way. I just want to thank you M&S for making the most superb chocolate loaf, I will be buying that again and trying out your whole range.

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