The Corrupted – A collection describing the different stages experienced with CFS (Part 2) – CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015

Averyl Ritchie is a wonderful artists I met in a CFS/ME group.

Her Corrupted Collection goes through the different stages of how she has experienced CFS/ME and it is a very beautiful depiction of what I think many of us have gone through.

Obscured Corruption

Obscured Corruption

This is how Averyl describes losing her cognitive skills – which is probably the worst part of CFS. Her brain is foggy, can’t think clearly or retain information. You forget words and conversations moments after they are spoken and drop everything you touch. This is invisible to others, and they can only see YOU, and not what’s happening inside. This is dedicated to a friend who experienced similar problems.

Lost in her Own World Part one & two

Lost in her Own World Part ILost in her Own World Part II

Before accepting CFS and its limitations,Averyl was lost in the haze of her inabilities, uncertain of what was happening and where it would lead her. If she would ever be me again. This is the same girl, but whatever direction she goes, she is lost in the haze.



Forgotten is a peaceful, tranquil piece. The girls reflection in the water shows she is not whole yet, but she is at peace with herself. She may be gone from her social environment, but she is not forgotten.


This painting is a follow up to Entrapment (as seen in part 1). Where Averyl was in a much better state mentally . You can see the bars of the cage only slightly. She may still be limited, but this girl accepts her life for what it is, and knows that, as she recovers, she is able to do more and more. The colours show contentment and not the fear of being trapped in her own body anymore.



This woman is on the ground, she may be down, she may look unpleasant, but she is not going to stay down. She will not be defined by this disease. Determined to be the woman she once was. To be healthy again.



This painting is unfinished. Averyl wished to keep it that way since she doesn’t ever want to lose the feeling of contentment. It is a very simple piece, as is her life now she has rid myself of unnecessary complications and living in her own little world of happiness.



The Grande Finale. This dancer is taking a bow at her final scene, Victorious she has completed her dance. Exhilarated of her worth after all the years of pain and effort she had to put forth to perfect it. She knows, just by fighting this disease, she is Victorious, and soon,  will be free from CFS. This is the final stage she has experienced with CFS.

Copies of all of her pieces are available to be shipped worldwide at

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3 thoughts on “The Corrupted – A collection describing the different stages experienced with CFS (Part 2) – CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015

  1. I just wonder how the paint smell is overcome with my me a horrible multiple chemical sensitivity exists which makes it impossible to go near paint perfume powder car exhaust fumes almost every smell I am glad this girl manages

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