CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015 Creativity

Many of us with these illnesses and many other chronic conditions find comfort and release in being creative for me its origami and finger painting.

I find a sense of peace comes from doing origami and finger painting is well really dam fun that type of primal child type fun!

Others who are more talented create pieces about their illness in the forms of pictures, abstracts and even toy making like below.



This next two zentangles one of my twitter follower did for her M.E. The never give up one she had printed and posted out to many of her spoonie friends! They both incorporate spoons and the blue ribbon of M.E. awareness.

PhotoGrid_1419578163732 PhotoGrid_1419578179438

One of the groups members has started to sell these very cute personalised monkeys:CFS Art 2

This piece by the same artist who makes the monkeys above is an abstract and poem that illustrated her recovery process:Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 14.45.53

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