Invisible Illness will not break ME-A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.

Invisible Illness will not break ME

By Ainslie Eccleston and Lachlan Conway

I have a disease that nobody sees
I cry to the heavens and fall to my knees
I’ve tried and tried a thousand times
To crack the code, to find reason and rhyme
Years go by and I learnt to adapt
Have glimpses of light and a life in the gap
Between health and hell, suffering and pain
For five years now, my life has not been the same
The hardest part, strangely enough
Is not the constant exhaustion, though that part is tough
Not the brain fog, confusion, the aching and pain
Not the fact I can no longer run in the rain
The hardest part is that I look half-well
Even though my body is under attack from the armies of hell
Nobody sees or seems to understand the pain
Unless they’ve travelled this strange path of constant setback and gain

But even with an adversity so strong
I keep my head up and keep moving along
Growing up I was taught to always look to the light
To never give up and to fight the good fight
The strange thing with humans we learn to adapt
We’ll always find ways out when it would seem we are trapped
For me myself there are things it will never take
My smile, my laughter, and my positivity, it cannot break
You only live once, so take every setback in your stride
And every challenge you overcome, you must look back on with pride.

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