Dealing with the unexpected when managing CFS/ME

In my previous post :What activity management means to me in dealing with my CFS/ME I talked about the methods that I use for activity management to ensure I pace myself. Carefully planning out my activity for the week.

But things don’t always go to plan, inevitably things pop up that you didn’t plan for so do you deal with these and try to avoid the push crash cycle?
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What pacing is for me ?

Pacing is a word that when you have CFS/ME you become very accustomed too and a bit sick off if I can tell you the truth.

I was also a bit confused about what it actually entailed, knowing it was something I should be doing but not knowing what it actually involved.

But it turns out that what I have been doing using a modified version of Toby Morrison’s credit system, as I have outlined in a previous post (link), is exactly that all pacing involves is keeping a track of your actives and trying not to use all your energy all at once just because you feel good at the time. Yes I am doing something right 🙂 .