Review: Pulsin Pea Protein (Powder)

Pea ProteinI have never really used protein powder before, in my mind it was for total gym nuts for the purpose of bulking up. However this stuff  is really quite brilliant its not full of sweeteners or artificial flavourings, is organic, vegan & gluten free.

Instead it is packed full of lots of essential amino acids and vitamins A, B6 and C, as well as protein.

I put a heaped tbs into a bowl of soup or smoothies, this not only gives you all the vitamin and protein goodness but also makes it much more fill.

A 250g pack is likely to set you back around £6.99 or a 1kg for £17 – That sounds quite expensive but a little bit goes a long way .

The only negative to this product I have found is that it can taste a little earthy, to mitigate this I do not use more than a heaped tbs.







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