Review: Mrs Crimble’s Cheese Crackers (Sundried Tomato & Pesto)

Mrs Crimbles GF CrackersI am on a bit of a cheese and biscuit spree at the moment. First with my review of Nairns Gluten Free Oakcakes (Herb & Seed)(link) and now with Mrs Crimble’s Cheese Crackers  the Sun-dried Tomato & Pesto variety. 

I have to say that when I took these out of the box, I was a bit surprised at how thin they were and didn’t hold out too much hope, but went a head and plated up anyway instead of resorting back to the Nairns. And boy I was so glad, whilst these little crackers were wafer thin that was absolutely fine they were super tasty and actually packed a nice crisp crunch.

They are around £1.80-£2.00 (Link). But you get a lot of crackers for that, so I think it’s actually quite good value.

These little crackers were good and not just for a GF products, good for any kind of cracker and good value. I would have liked them to be a little bit bigger but that is just me being picky. So I give them a solid 9/10.

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