Festive Free From (GF) Lunch at Friska

Friska GF Festive Hot BoxA little while back, I wrote a review on my lunch out at Friska (Link).

I don’t go out for lunch that often when I am at work, only when catching up with a friend, but when that is the case Friska is always my top choice.

I have to admit, I am a bit of a creature of habit, and usually go for the pulled pork hotbox or the pho noodles (as previously reviewed), but seeing as I was a festive mood, because frankly I LOVE CHRISTMAS! and I often can’t have the festive option, I jumped on the chance.

So this amazing concoction was their GF festive hot box, which comprised of Roast Chicken with Sage, Roast Vegetables & Cranberry Sauce served with with Spicy Rice + Seasonal Slaw.

Friska GF Chocolate CakeIt was delightful 10/10 for Friska yet again, and we couldn’t leave without sharing a piece of their delightful GF Chocolate Cake!

Definitely recommend if you fancy festive free from lunch.

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