Toby Morrisons 5 CFS Pillars of Health (Toby Morrison UK Seminar Pt 4)

So in previous parts of the seminar, Toby talked briefly about what CFS/ME is and how and potential causes (Link), Toby’s Triangle of success: Survival, Accept, Adjust, Believe & Achieve (Link) and the effects of stress and mindset to recovery (Link).

All the above are great, but how do we get past the acceptance stage and start adjusting, how do we keep a positive mindset and hope if there is nothing we can do to help ourselves or we think we have no hope of ever getting better?

In most cases this simply is not true, there are things we can do to help ourselves, it may not mean recovering fully from CFS/ME but giving you access to a better quality of life. Continue reading

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I had read time and time again that getting your diet right had helped many people suffering from CFS. And it kind of makes sense its the food and drink we put in our bodies that gives us sustenance and energy, so if you get the balance right there its bound to make a bit of a difference.

Nutrition etc isn’t an area that I had a lot of expertise in so I decided to see a nutritionist. It is important to find one that knows about CFS/ME otherwise  I don’t there isn’t an awful lot of point.

I found the website below particularly helpful, it explains a bit about CFS and nutrition but most importantly it enables you to find a nutritionist in your area that has a specialism in the area:

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Acceptance then Action

Acceptance then Action

I really struggled to accept that I had CFS – I think its half because I wanted to be better straight away, which isn’t an option with CFS. But finally I started to accept my illness, and look for ways in which I could help myself, as I didn’t want to have wait until my appointment with the North Bristol CFS/ME Centre which was around 5 months away.

Don’t get me wrong I still have the occasional moment in which I think “Surely I don’t really have a debilitating illness, come on just snap out of it” but of course you can’t just snap out of it.

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