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Narin’s GF Oat Cakes (Herb & Seed) Sainsbury’s freefrom Soft White Rolls Mrs Crimbles Choco Chip Muffin Tesco Free From Wheat & Gluten pizza (Cheese& Tomato) Pulsin Pea Protein (GF)
Mrs Crimbles Cheese Crackers (Tomato & Pesto) Mrs Crimbles Double Chocolate brownie Mc Cain Rustic Oven Chips (3%Fat)  Slim Fruits
Waitrose GF Millionaire Blondies
M&S Free From Chocolate Loaf
Sainsburys Free From Digestive Biscuits

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Gluten Free – Travel / Restaurant cards

Gluten Free Restaurant Card EnglishI have only been GF for a couple of months, during which I have not been on holiday or travelled abroad (Which I love doing).

The thought of having to explain to someone in a restaurant overseas what I can and cannot eat is a little bit daunting, since it is often hard enough explaining to restaurants here my requirements (often getting very blank looks).

But a luck has it I have stumbled across these super useful cards that you can take on your travels (or even use the English one to uneducated restaurants over here). You can download them in the following 54 languages (Click on language you want to access the card): Continue reading