Little Steps-A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.


A good prescription: Little Steps

by Lindsay Nuffer

I dreamed I could do what I saw others do
I believed they were special and talented too
I knew deep inside there was much more to me
But I did not know how to set myself free
I was stuck in a world of impossible dreams
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Murphy’s Law: A Chronic Illness Poetry Collection

I have managed to collect a variety of poetry written by those suffering with ME/CFS as well as other Chronic Illnesses from all over the world.

Murphy’s Law

By Jody Kurt Schuller

I ran a marathon yesterday while drinking a bottle of liquor!

Well that’s what my body told me while I was staring into the mirror.
The reflection of confusion, what is happening to me?

I realize I need to seek help, but I’m too sick to even see my GP.
But I got responsibilities; a man has to take care of his situation.

Who would have thought this would be a daily conversation?!
Sure, I’ll be fine, it’s just a virus, and it has to go away.

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CFS Comic Strip- CFS/ ME Awareness Week 2015

One of my spoonie friends wrote about her CFS/ME journey as a comic strip and I absolutely love it, it talks about her journey from the very beginning to right now, she is by no means recovered but her functionality has improved and continues to do so as time goes on.

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The faces of hope- CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015

An estimated 250,000 people have CFS/ME in the UK, 1,000,000 in the USA and 17,000,000 worldwide.

But what do these 17 million people look like? Well a group of us who are on Toby Morrison’s online program thought it would be great to raise awareness to create a video & a collage of a load of our faces.

Faces of hope

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CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015 Creativity

Many of us with these illnesses and many other chronic conditions find comfort and release in being creative for me its origami and finger painting.

I find a sense of peace comes from doing origami and finger painting is well really dam fun that type of primal child type fun!

Others who are more talented create pieces about their illness in the forms of pictures, abstracts and even toy making like below.


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The Corrupted – A collection describing the different stages experienced with CFS (Part 2) – CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015

Averyl Ritchie is a wonderful artists I met in a CFS/ME group.

Her Corrupted Collection goes through the different stages of how she has experienced CFS/ME and it is a very beautiful depiction of what I think many of us have gone through.

Obscured Corruption

Obscured Corruption

This is how Averyl describes losing her cognitive skills – which is probably the worst part of CFS. Her brain is foggy, can’t think clearly or retain information. You forget words and conversations moments after they are spoken and drop everything you touch. This is invisible to others, and they can only see YOU, and not what’s happening inside. This is dedicated to a friend who experienced similar problems.

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CFS/ME in words – CFS/ME Awareness Week 2015

As part of CFS/ME Awareness week a group of us from the CFS Health Centres came together and thought of all the words we associated with having this condition that effects approximately 17 million people world wide, one of the members so eliquently created 5 pieces of word art to illustrate the different aspects of CFS from our point of views.


In previous posts I have talked about various symptoms of CFS/ME but this illustrates just how many there are, but also some of the consequences of these symptoms, like the loss of relationships with friends and family, jobs and even ones sense of self.

Along with feelings of hopelessness, the fear of how long you are going to feel like this and if it is ever going to get any better.

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